The Field

A secure place to run

The five acre space has been sown with grass and offers an area big enough to really stretch the legs.

Off-lead dog walking


The 6’6 (1.9m) to 7′ (2.1m) fence means that you can let your dog off the lead in the knowledge that they’ll be safe. 

Exclusive use

When you book a time slot you’ll have exclusive  use of the field, for 50 minutes.

Nervous dogs

This makes it an ideal place to walk dogs who don’t like being around others. There is also a 10-minute change-over window and a dedicated parking area to minimise the chances of encountering another dog.

For the Humans

We’ve provided the field with a couple of picnic benches so that you can keep an eye on your dog(s) while you enjoy a sandwich and a cup of coffee. The nearby Winchester Golf Academy has an excellent cafe where you can buy your supplies – the cakes are to die for!

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